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Automate your customer support by understanding questions on 27 topics like:

  • Password recovery
  • Delivery options
  • Track refund
  • Registration issues


We deliver training data for any of the major platforms: Dialogflow, Lex, Rasa, MS Luis, Einstein...

It includes language register variations such as politeness, colloquial, swearing, indirect style... 

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Free Dataset description:

This sample dataset covers "Customer Support" domain and contains:

  • 27 most common intents (grouped in 11 categories).
  • Over 20,000 utterances (between 100 and 4000 variants per intent).
  • Generation of training data is reduced from months to days.
  • Format: comma-separated UTF-8 text file or Excel spreadsheet
  • Language: English (we will have more languages available soon).
  • Now includes noise, to make your trained models more robust.

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