10,000 ways to ask to a chatbot to change an order

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Automate your customer support by understanding the intent "change_order" in 10000 different ways


This dataset reflects commonly occurring linguistic phenomena of real-life chatbots, such as:

  • spelling mistakes
  • run-on words
  • missing punctuation

We deliver training and evaluation data for any of the major platforms: Dialogflow, Lex, Rasa, MS Luis, Einstein...

It includes language register variations such as politeness, colloquial, swearing, indirect style... 

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Free Dataset description:

Each entry in the dataset contains an example utterance along with its corresponding intent, category and additional linguistic information. Each line contains the following four fields:

  • 10,000 utterances, extracted from a larger dataset of over 1,000,000 utterances
  • flags: the applicable linguistic flags
  • utterance: an example user utterance
  • category: the high-level intent
  • category intent: the intent corresponding to the user utterance

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