We have developed a fully functional Home Automation assistant. Let us show you!

Our Home Automation Assistant is an NLP-enabled middleware capable of understanding users requests integrated from within any home control system, either propietary or open, like Amazon Echo, Google Home and the upcoming Apple Homepod and Microsoft Invoke. 

How were we able to create a home automatization bot that distinguishes over 500 actions and thousands of entities without spending months creating and labeling a corpus? That is what you will see in this demo, all our technology in action:

  • Slot generation: automatically identify intents & entities so your bot platform or ML algorithm can make use of the data.  
  • Natural Language Generation: solves the problem of data sparsity generating hundreds of relevant queries and automatically tagging them with the relevant intents and entities for the home automatization vertical
  • Sentence rewriting: solves the problem of data sparsity normalizing and simplifying human language in to sentences that the bot can understand