Speed up the deployment of new domains and languages by using artificial training data

Bitext extends Amazon Connect by providing multilingual training data that can be used to tailor Amazon Lex or Alexa Skills in order to increase intent understanding to enhance conversational AI and drive tangible results across your business:

See why automatic training is better than manual training:

  • Your LEX bot or Alexa Skill trained and up and running in days.
  • +20% cost cutting in contact center operational costs after year one.
  • Improve LEX NLU accuracy by Service Level Agreement up to 90%
  • Shrink development & training cycles: we take care of fine-tuning data, retraining your NLU engine with better performance at the cost of effort from data-scientists.
  • Centralize development, maintenance and training of chatbots and virtual assistants to maximize the synergies of having a common platform

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